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Brenda's story

Seventy-year-old Brenda uses an Amazon Echo Dot to help her to live more independently. She sufferers from COPD, PTSD and diabetes, which have left her socially isolated and reliant on her two daughters for a lot of daily support.

After buying an Echo for herself Brenda’s daughter Liz decided to get one for her mum to help her with basic tasks, reminders and entertainment. It also helps keep her safe.

Liz said: “I really didn’t think mum would use it in a useful way but she recently had a fall and she wasn’t wearing her Careline to summon help. Instead she was able to ask the Echo Dot to call me and I came over and helped her off the floor. 

“She uses it everyday for many tasks. If she is in the bath and has forgotten to put the radio on she can ask the Echo Dot to play Classic FM. She can control the lights through it so that if she needs the toilet at night she can see where she is going and she plays games on it as well. I’ve programmed reminders for her, such as to take her medication and make sure she’s drinking water. I can also send messages to it from afar meaning I can tell her if someone is due to call around or if a delivery is coming.

“The Echo Dot acts as an extra layer of reassurance for all of us in case she needs support or wants entertainment. I would recommend it to anyone in the same situation - what have you got to lose?!”