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Robert's Story

Robert is 32 and has acquired brain injury (ABI) with very limited movement. He has carer support for 18 hours per day and is cared for from bed in one room, other than when he has a shower. He also suffers with slurred communication when tired.

Robert says he sometimes suffers with “cabin fever” as well as depression, isolation and loneliness. To help with this an Alexa was purchased allowing him to “control” his “environment”. He can open the curtains, pick music, ask for news updates, watch films, call friends and family, and control the heating & lighting. It also reminds him when he needs to take his medication.

To help with the cabin fever a referral was made to a company to help with a specialist wheelchair – this allows him to go out.

A big part of Robert's life before having his accident was gaming – with that in mind changes have also been made to his games console to allow him to play online games with his friends.

Communication devices also supported him to continue to use the Alexa when he is feeling tired and his speech is slightly slurred.